Olaplex – The Best Hair Treatment Product

Olaplex – The Best Hair Treatment Product


If you are dealing with dry hair, damaged hair , side effects from other products that may cause your hair to be bleached or broken, you have to keep reading this mind blowing information about Olaplex treatment.

What is Olaplex

This a product with a unique chemistry that links broken bonds in the hair which restores strength, structure and integrity internally.
You may use this treatment prior – during – after service to repair damaged hair due to chemical, mechanical or thermo-styling.

Is This A Conditioner?

This is not a conditioner in any way as they normally coat the hair in silicons nor it isn’t a protein as that can be over used causing brittleness and breakage.

Why Olaplex

If you want a product that has a guaranteed effect, you need to have this treatment.

This is no joke, when you receive this treatment in our salon , you are getting for what you are paying for. Your hair will have the most amazing formula to restore and fix damaged burned dry hair.

I want say it again: Olaplex restores strength, structure and integrity of you hair.

Can I Get Coloring And Still Get Results?

If you want the best coloring with the most healthy way, without having to deal with the bad effect of dry hair and bad color, you just found the treatment product that gives you exactly what you are after. blog-01_image04

Bear in mind, this coloring needs to be a professional one , not one of the ones that you find in the supermarkets, those will absolutely (no doubt) damage and screw your hair – honestly.

Supermarkets’ coloring is another topic on its on, but for now let’s just keep it short: DON’T USE THEM if you care for the health of your hair.

Let’s Be Honest

I’m going to be honest with you, if you want the best you need to pay for the best. (This is the Ferrari of hair treatments ). Fortunately for you, reading this, we have reduced the price so you can save some money to take your friends out for coffee (so you can show off your amazing look) lol… nah, I actually serious, they will ask you, – What in the world did you do to your hair?! it looks amazing!

Why Should I Book An Appointment Now?

We are very happy to work on your hair, making you look fabulous, sadly for the ones that don’t book fast, they get pointed in a waiting list as we get booked very quickly (as you can imagine many ladies in Melbourne are already ripping the benefits and the look by getting this treatment constantly).
So book you appointment as soon as you can.

My First Time In Olaplex

Ok, welcome to the amazing life changing treatment for you :D. Simple video I have down below for you to have honest insight. But basically in few words, seeing that you will be getting this for the first time, as anything in life, your hair will be having an 80% improvement (one of our most recent customers below), to reach to the big 100% you just have to look after it and come regularly to keep it healthy and strong.

There is also a product that you can use at home within the period of after treatment and before the next appointment. Its Called Olaplex No.3 which you can find in within our store.



How’s Your Service?

We have been for year in the top 10 of the best hair salons in Melbourne. What makes us different from others is that many hairdressers are in the chase of just doing the job after job without caring for their customers.
In our Salon, things work differently. We treat you as a superstar, after all, you are going to look like one after the Olaplex treatment.
Oh which by the way! here are the celebrities that actually use Olaplex… You know, because I wanted to include some good old testimonials



I need to Really know some Science

Very well, I am more than happy to give the video down below, I live this to the main experts behind the science that goes into making Olaplex treatment so powerful. Enjoy !

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