Olaplex Hair Salon Melbourne

Olaplex Hair Salon Melbourne

Best Olaplex Hair Salon in Melbourne

Are you looking for the best olaplex salon in melbourne but don’t know where to find the one?

Well, you have landed in the right place. We are a high end olaplex treatment salon in melbourne (Docklands, to be more specific) that provide great results to do the following:

  • Fix damaged hair
  • Hydrate dried hair
  • Revive and make your hair look stunning
  • You have nothing to worry about if you have or want coloring

You can be sure of the results, we are so confident in our quality that we are so proud to have our customers telling us great testimonials from having the olaplex hair treatment in our salon.

Here are some of the great results that we have recently:

You can find a ton of testimonials in our Instagram or our Facebook page if you want more

If you are looking to make your hair, healthy, strong and so fabulous that you will stand out, they don’t over think it, results are real and we will look after you.

Simply book your appointment as soon as you can because we always get booked out (as you can see why, we do give the best quality out of all Melbourne salons)

Olaplex hair Treatment is the best you can do to your hair. And you will see why

BUT WAIT?! “What if I want to do the Olaplex treatment at home?

This is a very common question: you can absolutely do olaplex hair treatment at your you place using Olaplex No 3, but you have to first come to get the treatment No 1 and No 2, they are the steps to make your hair extremely perfect so you can keep it that way at home with Olaplex No 3 (By the way, you can get Olaplex No 3 at our salon, super convenient for you)

We talk to you soon.  we are looking forward to make you fabulous !

Book now your Olaplex Treatment

If you are just wanting to buy Olaplex No 3 then simply give us a call 9602 4026 or send us your order via email to Salon@sapphireessence.com.au

Once again, See you soon

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